Solitary Vice (& Other Virtues)

by Guano Breath

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General Ivan G. Pavlovsky A noble old soldier he He’s as handsome as they come And brave as he can be Especially when the enemy’s On the run run run General IGP, General IGP Guardian of the Household Security General IGP, General IGP Keeper of the Public Morality General Ivan G. Pavlovsky Defender of our property He’s as handsome as they come And fierce as he can be Especially when the enemy’s On the run run run
Cari Makan 04:17
The sun was shining, I was easing Breezing on down the road When I ran into a fella who apparently Was struggling with a heavy load His back was bent and his eyes were glued (Glued to the pavement) Er, mister, are you looking for something (I said) and can I help in any way? Well, he didn’t reply, he just shuffled on by But as he passed I heard him sigh: CARI MAKAN, CARI MAKAN I’M ONLY LOOKING FOR FOOD (CHA-CHA-CHA) CARI MAKAN, CARI MAKAN EVERYBODY’S LOOKING FOR FOOD Man oh man you must be hungry, I said As I ran after him with a loaf of bread No thanks, he said, I’ve already had lunch And I usually have my breakfast in bed Then why are you plodding up & down the street Acting like you’re looking for something to eat? He said, “Young man, you gotta think about your next meal!” And proceeded there & then to wheel & deal (cha-cha-cha) CARI MAKAN, CARI MAKAN CARI MAKAN NOON & NIGHT CARI MAKAN, CARI MAKAN LOOKS LIKE THERE’S NO END IN SIGHT FOOD IS SO HARD TO FIND/CARI MAKAN, CARI MAKAN LIFE IS ONE LONG GRIND/CHA-CHA-CHA CARI MAKAN What happens then, I asked my friend What happens to you when you get to the end? Makan angin lah – I’ll eat the wind Why, I’ll eat the wind, he said CARI MAKAN FROM NINE TO FIVE CARI MAKAN JUST TO STAY ALIVE CARI MAKAN FOR YOUR DAILY BREAD CARI MAKAN TILL YOU’RE DEAD
City Hall 04:51
City Hall, City Hall Everybody says you can’t fight City Hall You can phone in, you can write You can shout till you’re blue You can even tell Hotline your plight You can sit up & beg, you can grovel & crawl You can even keep on banging your head Against the wall – but you know you can’t fight You just can’t fight City Hall You’re standing on the corner Minding your own business Doing a brisk trade in putumayam Suddenly a truck rolls up – Little Man, you’re out of luck Now you’d better pack up & duck (Hey you!) ‘Cause here come some meanies from City Hall They’ve come to haul away your putumayam stall And you know you can’t argue You just can’t argue with City Hall HAVE YOU GOT A LICENCE? HAVE YOU PAID YOUR FINE? YOU CAN’T RELAX UNLESS YOU PAY YOUR TAX YOU NEED A LICENCE WHEN YOU WALK NEED A LICENCE JUST TO TALK YOU NEED A LICENCE IF YOU RUN ANOTHER ONE IF YOU’RE HAVING FUN NEED A LICENCE FOR YOUR TEETH NEED A LICENCE JUST TO BREATHE NEED A LICENCE FOR YOUR NOSE NEED A LICENCE FOR YOUR TOES IF YOU AIN’T GOT A LICENCE… WELL THAT’S TOO BAD BUT IN YA GOES TO CITY HALL City Hall, City Hall Guess you need a special licence Just to cower in the shadow of City Hall Trying to make a living Selling sweets & ciggies on the sidewalk Finally got a licence, no one’s gonna push you around But hold it! – here come a coupla City Hall clowns Marching down the five-foot-way (hey hey hey) Ain’t that enough to ruin anybody’s day? Well, they grab a pack of Benson each And then they swagger on Conveniently forgetting to pay And you know you can’t collect Nobody collects from City Hall HAVE YOU RENEWED YOUR LICENCE? ARE YOU TOEING THE LINE? HAVE YOU GIVEN US ENOUGH OF YOUR PRECIOUS TIME? DO YOU HAVE A PERMIT TO RENT OR BUY OR SELL? OH WELL, I GUESS SOMEHOW WE MUST ADAPT - BUT HONESTLY THAT’S A LOAD OF CRAP! SO FOLKS I DON’T MIND TELLING YOU SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE YELLING GO TO HELL, CITY HALL! City Hall, City Hall And I don't mean David, Telly or Vance Hall They know how to have fun all right I mean, mean old City Hall (Actually, they say it's just a state of mind But I've got better things to think about, people) And I'm not talking about Siti Hawa You know Salleh Joned's kid? Ah, she's so sweet (But then all of Salleh's kids are, haha) No I’m talking about silly old City Hall, Stupid old City Hall, shitty old City Hall But you might as well be, you might as well be talking to a wall City Hall, City Hall, Oh won’t you help me find a city Where there ain’t no such thing as City Hall
Chicken 01:40
Chicken in the yard Scratchin’ dirt without a care Will ya ever quit yer peckin’ Eh, silly chicken, and do a lil’ checkin’? Have you ever wondered where you come from? (Telur Anson?) Have you ever asked yourself where you’re going? (Telur Intan?) Chicken in the soup With the onions & pertaters Ooh you’re lookin’good And ready to be served Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Harland Sanders Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, curry chicken Chicken à la king Chicken in the basket Chicken Delite & Kentucky Fried And yo’ mama’s good ol’ roast chicken
Komplek City 04:51
Komplek City, Komplek City Complexity – that’s the key This is how you plan a city Put in lots of complexity Complexity, Komplek City How did you become a monstrosity? URBAN SPRAWL, SEE THE TRAFFIC CRAWL ALL THE PEOPLE DOWN THERE LOOK SO SMALL HIGH RISE, SCRAPE THE SKY DO WE REALLY WANT TO PAY THE PRICE? CONCRETE TOWER, SYMBOL OF POWER RAPE THE EARTH FOR ALL IT’S WORTH Business boom come to our showroom (doodoodoo-doom) On the ground floor we can show you more (wowowo-woe) Well it’s cold cash or credit card But life is hard in Komplek City, Komplek City Oh glorious capital city Progress is measured in audacity There’s no room for incapacity The way to the top is rapacity In Komplek City, Komplek City If you’re rich you’ll find no scarcity (Komplek Pertama, Angkasa Raya, Campbell Complex, Kota Raya, Yowchuan Plaza, Imbi Plaza, BB Plaza, Sungei Wang-Wang-Wang, Ampang Park, velly cheap but parking bukan percuma, Ampang City, watch out it’s coming soon; Dayabumi just makes me swoon, but now you can go to Kimisawa on the moon!) Why talk of beauty and what is truth? You know it ain’t no use You can do all your shopping under one roof There’s so much to choose So you say we bore you with our piles And our plastic smiles But still we got style in Komplek City, Komplek City Woe-oh-woe-oh but that’s our city Is this how you plan a city? Turn it into some atrocity Wall it in with stone & steel Well the money’s coming in So don’t you blow the deal Komplek City, Komplek City Woe-oh-woe-oh what a pity!
VIP 04:18
My teacher said now that you’ve finished school What are you gonna do, boy – play the fool? I said oh no no no, I know what I wanna be What’s that? she said – I said a VIP I’m not gonna waste my life waiting in line I’m just gonna go out and grab what’s mine So watch out, you ordinary folks out there I’m a VIP, you see, and I don’t care VIP, I’m a VIP Hey everybody now just look at me I’m a VIP, a big fat VIP You gotta pay through your bleeding nose Just so that I & I can get in free VIP, VIP – make way for the VIP VIP, VIP – better watch what you say He’s a VIP VIP, I’m a VIP That’s a Very Impressive Phenomenon, can’t you see? I’m a Vonderful Impeccable Personality Heh heh heh, I’ve got you hypnotized But don’t look now, I’m just gonna pull the wool Over your eyes, you stupid fools VIP, I’m a VIP Every time I speak I appear in Newsweek I’m a VIP, a goddamn VIP Who rules the earth – well, it sure ain’t the meek Now some of you might wanna know how it’s done Just how did you get to be such a VVVIP? Well, it’s no secret, there’s no catch First you gotta be a PIG And I was born a natural PIG PIG, PIG – just messing around with the GNP And that’s the way, according to me That’s the way you get to be a VIP I’m not gonna waste my life waiting in line I’m just gonna go out and grab what’s mine So watch out, you ordinary folks out there I’m a VIP, you see, and I don’t care VIP, I’m a VIP Hey everybody now just look at me I’m a VIP, a big fat VIP You gotta pay through your bleeding nose So me and my cronies can go scot-free
I know it’s no simple matter In fact it’s a question of life & death Some people seem to be getting fatter & fatter While the skinny ones fade away like breath Say goodbye to the dying Save your love for the living There’s no harm in trying If you take a little less & do some giving (you can) SAVE THE COUNTRY DO WHAT YOU FEEL IS RIGHT SAVE THE COUNTRY NOW BEFORE THERE’S NOTHING LEFT Don’t you abuse all the minerals They’re very useful to the vegetables Without vegetables there won’t be any animals And one of these days there may be no more people Don’t talk to me about the future The problem lies in what you’re doing right now Making plans & scheming just to suit yourself But if you ruin the land you’re done for anyhow (so) SAVE THE COUNTRY CAN YOU HEAR THE CHILDREN SHOUT? WE’VE GOT TO SAVE THE COUNTRY SOMEHOW AIN’T THAT WHAT SELF-PRESERVATION IS ALL ABOUT? This old planet ain’t no dead hunk of earth She’s milk & honey & she rocks & she rolls Home sweet home from birth to rebirth You mean you didn’t know we’ve been hurting her soul? Better figure out exactly what you need Before you grab whatever you want Maybe you’ve been working only for greed But why build a factory? Just grow a plant (and) SAVE THE COUNTRY COME ON EVERYBODY SHOUT GOTTA FIND A WAY TO SAVE THE COUNTRY NOW AIN’T THAT WHAT SALVATION IS ALL ABOUT?
From pent up aching rivers; From that of myself without which I were nothing; From what I am determined to make illustrious even if I stand sole among men; From my own voice resonant, singing the phallus; Singing the song of procreation, Singing the need of superb children and therein superb grown people, Singing the muscular urge and the blending, Singing the bedfellow’s song (O! resistless yearning!) The man’s body is sacred and the woman’s body is sacred… (All is a procession, The universe is a procession with measured and perfect motion.) ~ Walt Whitman, Children of Adam Art by Renée Kraal
Nefertiti 13:46
Nefertiti, Forever Friend & Sacred Bride! In your sweet embrace I might have gladly died Had I not felt such complete joy at being alive. You make me strong, you make me long For longer days – nay, longer nights – Ah… touch me once and I feel so light. ~ Ankhenaton


SOLITARY VICE (& Other Virtues)
Composed, arranged, performed & produced by Antares @ M. Eeel


released August 8, 1984

INSTRUMENTS HEARD ON THIS RECORDING: Takamine acoustic/electric guitar, Suzuki Folkmaster harmonicas, Weinbach baby grand piano, Solina string synthesizer, Roland keyboards & beatbox, Yahoo kazoos, Yamaha alto saxophone, clarinet, plastic whistle, shakers, gong, rubber dinosaur, tambourines, chimes, timbales, woodblocks, bongos, bells, congas, piano strings, pre-recorded tape, Fender Rhodes electric piano, k’uo-cheng, Balinese flutes, Aria electric bass, H.S. Anderson ‘Mad cat’ solid-body guitar, Yamaha drum kit, tabla, Ludwig timpani, Hughmann voicebox.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jane D’Cruz & Rafique Rashid for their help on VIP; Shanthini, Sukania, Connie Francis & Steve Marcopoto for their ready support & good vibes; Renée Kraal for the inspiration & use of her artwork; Ms Devonn for the fine photography & diction aid; Arif John Puracal for the loan of his battered saxophone; Thor Kah Hoong & KAMI for the welcome musical exercise; Lotus, Alan, June, Willy, Shah, Mun Hoe, Marion, Krishen & Hanim for the positive feedback; Mr Ng, my dear friend at Rediffusion; and I guess this list has to end somewhere…

DEDICATED TO: Mums & Dads everywhere.




Guano Breath Malaysia

My output mostly dates back to the 1980s and has been heard by a mere handful. This isn't what I'm into now but at least I'm not too embarrassed about it.

Collaborations with others & freestyle choreographic works form an integral part of my archive.

I enjoy being the world's least ambitious musician.
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