Akar Umbi + The Rainbow Gypsies

by Akar Umbi & The Rainbow Gypsies



In 1999 shortly after the unexpected death of Minah Angong, Temuan ceremonial singer & lead vocalist of Akar Umbi, a band of rainbow gypsies appeared in Pertak Village, in the forested heartland of the Malayan Peninsula. They stayed for a couple of weeks & began jamming with the members of Akar Umbi. We were invited to perform at a Human Rights Day event hosted by SUARAM. Awa Anak Lahai had taken over as lead singer & she was happy to record her songs with the group during a 3-hour studio session. The two jam sessions recorded on the same day have not been edited or remixed - but as a musical document they require no further embellishment.


released December 12, 1999

MUSICIANS: Awa Anak Lahai, Nai Anak Lahai, Indah Merkol (bamboo percussion & vocals), Antares (Balinese flutes, reed pipe, percussion), Shane Randhawa (didgeridoo), Nik Mandel (didgeridoo), Patrick, Chip, Tim (shakers, tambourines, didgeridoo), Jose Monteiro (inaudible guitar).



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